Common Land - A History and Legal Rights

Common Land – A History and Legal Rights

Monday 16th May 2016

Common Land –  A History and Legal Rights

Illustrated Talk by Les Murphy
Secretary of Mynydd Maen Commoners Association

Starts 7:00 pm at Crosskeys Rugby Club

Do you know what a Common is, where to find Common Land or what a Common is for?

Do you know what Commoners’ Rights means? Or what is Estovers, Turbury or Panage?

Why did Commons come into existence? Why they are so important in modern Britain and how it would affect our historical and cultural environment if they were to disappear.

LES MURPHY is the secretary of the Mynydd Maen Commoners Association. As well as being a Commoner himself, he has a great interest in the history of Common Land, how and why it came into being, what it is for and who does it apply to.

Les will also explain how Common Land is managed today and will explode a few myths and people’s misconceptions – all sprinkled with a few anecdotes and personal observations.

4580There is often a great deal of misunderstanding and misinterpretation of the status of Common Land, and who is allowed to do what on Common Land. From his years of experience in dealing with such arguments on our local Commons, you can be sure that Les’s talk will be not only entertaining, but also very enlightening.

The talk will end with a Q & A session.

Entry is FREE to members or £3.00 to non-members (you can join on the night if you wish)

Drinks available at the Bar ~ A raffle will be held on the night.

All proceeds go towards the work of Cymdeithas Twmbarlwm Society

Layout 1Help us promote this talk – download the poster by clicking on the image, print it out and display it in work, local shops and pubs – anywhere people will see it.