Hot Cross Bun Walk 2016

Hot Cross Bun Walk 2016

GOOD FRIDAY – 25th March 2016

Many Follow in the Footsteps of  Tradition

After a very wet and stormy Thursday it was with some trepidation I opened my curtains on Good Friday morning – and what a relief to see a bright sunny day. That would mean a good turn out for our annual Hot-Cross-Bun walk up Twmbarlwm.

The Twmbarlwm Hot-Cross-Bun walk. Good Friday 25th March 2016

The Twmbarlwm Hot-Cross-Bun walk. Good Friday 25th March 2016

And I wasn’t disappointed – when I arrived at the Stoney Bridge, Pontymister – there were nearly 40 people waiting to start the walk up the Tump. So after the obligatory group photograph on the bridge off we went. By the time we got to the end of Mill Street a few more people had joined us and we had nearer 50 in our group (and several dogs, of course).

It’s great to have the fine weather but it made the climb through Ty-Sign a hot slog – but when we started through the fields above Holy Road spirits were still high and the queuing to get over the stiles came as welcome respite.

As we crossed the cattle grid on Mountain Road we had our first clear view of the top of the mountain and we could see that there were already scores of people at the top. When we arrived at the car park it was full of cars – but most importantly there was Sue waiting there with a few baskets full of Hot Cross Buns.

tesco_greggs_logosThe Hot Cross Buns were kindly donated by our local Tescos and Greggs – and indeed Joanne from Tescos joined us on the walk too. Sue, CTS Secretary, had been up early to butter, jam and bag the 120 buns and she drove up the mountain with them to deliver them and join us for the last half mile climb to the top.

A few volunteers helped to carry the baskets to the top of the mountain where we distributed them to those who’d made the climb with us – in return for a donation to the Society – and most were quite generous – we collected nearly £60 which will go to the various repair and restoration projects that we undertake on Twmbarlwm.

We met up with the group over over 50 people that Rob Southall had led up from Cwmcarn and another group who’d come over from Blaen Bran in Cwmbran. (If you came up with your own group please let me know your story of the day)

There were many, many more who had done the walk as part of family groups or just bunches of friends who got together for the day – however they got there, it made a great spectacle and a great success.

It is very difficult to estimate how many people made the climb throughout the day – but I reckon that at any given time there was at least 50 people on the top – having their picnics and taking in the views. Most stayed on top for at least 15 minutes so let’s say that’s 200 per hour – most people get there between 10am and 2pm – so that’s 800 people.

So I believe that at least 1,000 people made the trek up Twmbarlwm throughout the day – and I think that is really upholding a great local tradition.

Please have a look at my photos below – and if you have any photos of your walk to the top please send them in or share them with us on our Facebook page.