JQN - 02/12/2013

JQN – 02/12/2013


Just a quick update on what’s happening with the “Tidy Tump” project – if you visited the Tump on the weekend, hopefully you will have noticed that the first kissing gate, which is to be part of the new Alamo fence, has been installed on the eroded south slope. The second gate is being installed today.

With these gates in place, the installation of the fence joining them will commence within the next couple of weeks – depending on the contractors’ availability.

The contractors were not keen to organise volunteer help for the first part of the installation process due to the work happening mid-week and health and safety issues. But once the fence is in place we hope to organise some volunteer events to help with the infill and planting of shrubs etc.

I will try to keep you informed as different aspects of the project moves forward and as we organise events for volunteers to get involved with.