JQN 21-06-16

JQN 21-06-16

Just a Quick Note                     21st June 2016

Hi Folks,

This coming weekend is the last Sunday of the month and therefore our monthly Litter Pick and Volunteer Workday.

Last time we had a reasonable turnout including Andrew from the Keep Wales Tidy group to whom we’re grateful for his help and support, as it ensures our area remains on the radar of the powers-that- be, but we still need members to turn up and do their bit too if we want Twmbarlwm to remain the beauty spot we all know and love.

At that time there had been a great deal of fly-tipping on the lane to Cwrt Henllys, far too much for our small group to handle, particularly as we have no means of getting it from there – we’re still working on the councils about that. However, NRW have cleared it all away and replaced the barrier and boulders at the entrance to the lane – again we’re grateful to them for that.

Yet as soon as they cleared away that mess so a couple of burnt out vehicles turned up – they have been reported and hopefully they will be gone by this weekend. And there is a couple of fresh fly-tips too.

As you can see there is a lot of anti-social behaviour going on around Twmbarlwm so I ask you all again to be vigilant and if you see suspicious behaviour to report it as soon as possible to the authorities (what’s a tipper truck doing driving up mountain road?) – use the 101 non-emergency number to the police – and make sure you get a log number when you do. Don’t moan that the police never do anything anyway, or think that someone else probably reported it – it’s only through reporting things that the police etc. will gather the statistics to prove that this is a problem area and will have to act to bring it under control.


Other jobs we want to do this weekend include bracken bashing, fence repair and filling in some of the eroded tracks on the mountain slopes – it depends on who turns up and what materials we have to hand. There’s always plenty for us to do so the more helping hands that turn up, the better.

As usual, meet up at the car park on the common below the Tump at 10.30am. A free cuppa and biccie will be available for all helpers.

We’ll have most equipment needed for the work in hand but please remember to wear sturdy shoes and clothing to suit the terrain and weather conditions.


Have you been up there to see our lovely new dry-stone wall and gate near the car park – there are similar gates and walls at the entrances to the mountain above Hafodyrynys and at Penyrheol.  Walk to the top of the track leading up to the ridgeway and you’ll see where boulders have been installed to stop scramblers and off-roaders getting to the top of the mountain. All this is part of the ongoing work, paid for by CCBC and Torfaen BC with support of The Commoners Association and CTS.


Recently Rob Southall led a couple of walks for us – the first in search of the lost farms of the Rhyswg the second looked at the lost farms of Twmbarlwm and Mynydd Maen. They could have been better attended but those who did turn up had two very interesting and informative walks and we thank Rob for his efforts in organizing these walks.


Les Murphy of the Commoners Association gave us a very interesting talk on the History and Legal Rights of Common Land which was very well received by a good size audience at Crosskeys RFC. We’ll be organising more talks in the Autumn so please make sure to check out our website and Facebook page for announcements.

If you have any ideas or requests for any walks or talks you would like us to organise please let us know – or if there are any projects or events you think we should undertake please get in touch.



Hopefully many of you see our articles in the South Wales Directories – you can now see them online too – archived in annual sets – click a link below to go see them.

Those who follow our Facebook page or the “Friends of Cwmcarn Forest Drive” page are also invited to consider becoming “paid-up” members and/or take part in our projects – if you know any of them please pass this on.

I also repeat my request for persons who might have special skills or knowledge to help run the Society or assist with our projects, to get in touch.

Getting to the car park

For the Events starting at the car park on Twmbarlwm, if you would prefer to have a lift there please get in touch with me at the address below and I’ll try to arrange transport for you – or if you are able to offer transport to others also let me know. There are maps and descriptions how to get there on our website – under the menu tab “Location”

These details are posted on our website and on FaceBook – but if you know of anyone who is interested but don’t get their news through the internet – could you please let them have a copy of this message.

Many Regards

Chairman Cymdeithas Twmbarlwm Society


Address general queries to:  twmbarlwmsociety@gmail.com