JQN - 22/07/14

JQN – 22/07/14

Just a Quick Note – 22nd July 2014

Dear Member

The last workday on 29th June saw the completion of the stone cairn with the addition of the signs being added to it – I hope you all go and have a look because I think it’s a pretty good looking feature as well as a reminder to visitors to take their litter home with them.

Others did a litterpick around the Tump and collected a few bags of rubbish – and others bashed down some of the bracken threatening to choke the newly planted hedgerow – we could really do with a few more people doing this because it will really help the plants to establish themselves successfully.

Please go and see the report and photos of the day on the website www.twmbarlwm.co.uk

Another reminder of the website – I would really like to get more information up there, so if you have any articles or information you think should be there or would just add interest for our visitors, then please get in touch.

This is the last call for contributions to the Newsletter from the wider membership – the same people contribute all the time – surely there’s more of you with personal memories or stories to tell. Maybe some historical facts or wildlife photos or even a piece of poetry. Our previous newsletters have always been well received let’s continue the good work.


When I started writing this email this weekend was going to be a busy weekend of Twmbarlwm events with a Family Fun Day in Henllys, a Walk and a Volunteer Workday – but for various reasons there will be none of the usual team available to organise them, so regretfully, the events are postponed.


This situation underlines the fact that the society could do with a few more members willing to lend a hand to help out on these occasions and even with the running of the society – please contact me if you feel you could help in any way.

Following is a copy of the post I’ve put on our Facebook page:

VOLUNTEER WORKDAY – Sunday 27th  July 2014

Sunday (27th July 2014) is scheduled as a Volunteer Workday on Twmbarlwm – unfortunately, due to holidays and other commitments none of the usual team will be there to organise things.

But don’t let that put you off – if you are willing to turn up with a bin bag and do a litter pick around the mountain then please carry on. Leave any bagged rubbish just outside the car park and we will organise for the council to collect it.

The breaking down of the bracken from around the newly planted hedgerow whips is much needed work too.

Other work we have earmarked like upkeep of the floating paths and some fence repairs needs involvement of our farmer friends, so that will have to wait to the next workday at the end of August.

If there’s any members out there who would be willing to oversee this weekend’s work and take charge of our stock of bin bags and litter pickers then please contact me.

MEMBERS’ MEETING – Monday 4th August 2014

Due to poor attendance of the last few Member’s Meetings, the Trustees have decided to invite any interested members to the next Trustees’ meeting at Crosskeys RFC on Monday 4th August 2014 at 7pm.

There will be an update of the recent work of CTS and an opportunity for members to put questions to the Trustees.

There are more Events planned throughout the year – please check out the website regularly for details – www.twmbarlwm.co.uk – click on the “Events” tab.

Many Regards

Chairman Cymdeithas Twmbarlwm Society

Address general queries to:  twmbarlwmsociety@gmail.com