Llandderfel Walk

Llandderfel Walk

Sunday 5th July 2015

Rob Southall will be leading a couple of walks for Cymdeithas Twmbarlwm Society and the Friends of the Cwmcarn Forest Drive on the first Sundays of July and August.

The first walk will be to the ruins of Llandderfel Chapel which is on the side of Mynydd Maen above Greenmeadow Cwmbran.

Rob will, no doubt, regale us with some interesting stories, fact and fiction, at the site where we will stop for a while to take in the atmosphere and take on board any refreshments you bring with you.

The walk will be about 6 miles in total and an easy gentle amble. We will leave the circular car park below Twmbarlwm at 10.30 on Sunday 5th July.

If anyone needs a lift up to the starting point let us know and we’ll arrange something (or if you can offer a lift – let us know).

The second walk on Sunday 2nd August will be to the Lost Farms of the Rhyswg, More details to follow on that. All welcome.


Thanks to Paul Davis for this aerial photo of the chapel ruins.


There might not be much of it left now but it was once a very important stopping point on the Pilgrims’ route to Penrhys. The chapel was dedicated to St Derfel, one of only two in Wales – the other being in Merionydd.

Derfel Gadarn was a warrior saint and according to legend was one of King Arthur’s Knights. He was a fascinating character and you read much more about him here – WalesOnline

Professor Maddie Gray has also made a series of videos on the Pilgrims’ Way which takes in Llandderfel – click here to watch it on Youtube

Artist's impression of Llandderfe Chapel of what it might have looked like in the early medieval period.

Artist’s impression of Llandderfel Chapel of what it might have looked like in the early medieval period.