Local Organisations

There are many other local organisations who need public support and rely entirely upon volunteers in much the same way as CTS.

Many have similar aims and aspirations as CTS but in their own area – and many cover subjects and skills that will interest CTS members.

We list here some organisations we have had contact with or worked with  – if you belong to a society that you think could work with CTS or share resources, please get in touch and we’ll put a link here.

bb_logoBlaen Bran Community Woodland Trust

BBCWT is concerned with the protection and preservation of 100 acres of woodland above Upper Cwmbran for the use of the community.

Blaen Bran is our closest neighbour – situated at the far end of the ridgeway away from Twmbarlwm – it’s a beautiful piece of woodland and we would encourage all members to visit there, their members will always give you a good welcome.

fourteenlocks-id-centreFourteen Locks Canal Centre

The Canal Centre is situated at the top of a unique Fourteen Locks Flight of Locks in Rogerstone, Newport, South Wales.

An Active Experience for Everyone


 whit_hut_logoCoedeva and Hollybush Community Hall

Coed Eva & Hollybush Community Hall, known locally as The White Hut is run for the community by volunteers.

We are committed to supporting the community and providing a fair and sustainable service that really cares about our area.

There’s plenty of photos and info on their site – please click on the heading above to visit it.

fns_logoThe Friends of the Newport Ship is a registered charity, run wholly by volunteers. It started as a campaign to save the ship, but now supports the ship project by:

  • raising public awareness through a guide book, newsletters, leaflets, stands at public events and lectures
  • supporting the project financially by buying essential equipment and services, getting grants and making donations which help secure other funding
  • providing volunteer guides and additional activities for public open days and other visits to the Ship Centre
  • helping with the archaeological and conservation work on the ship.

The active members of the Friends have contributed thousands of hours of voluntary work, but even members who can’t assist directly provide vital support. Merely by joining they help demonstrate the level of public interest in the ship. That’s vital as we try to get grants and to get commitment to complete the project. All Friends are kept up to date with a Newsletter twice a year and have the opportunity to attend lectures and other events.