tump_foxglovesShow that you care for your mountain and its future, become a member TODAY

Many visitors to our unique mountain, Twmbarlwm, are filled with admiration for its history, its beauty, the landscape and the views. But they are also often horrified by the apparent neglect and abuse by others who just don’t care for their environment. The Twmbarlwm Society is trying to change all that, but to do so we need funds, volunteers and expertise – but most of all your straight-forward support – you don’t have to attend all our events or lend a hand (but it would be good). If we can show, through our strength of numbers, that many people really do care then we gain a stronger voice in trying to achieve our aims – become a member today, show that you care!

Membership gives you reduced rates for entry to society events, a newsletter and your fees will help us fulfill our aims to research, restore and protect Twmbarlwm for future generations.

Membership rates:

  • £10 a year for individuals
  • £15 a year for joint members (2 individuals at the same address)
  • £20 a year per family (2 adults and up to 3 children undre 16)
  • New Members’ subscriptions will be payable annually on the date of first joining.
  • Subscriptions of members who joined before January 2013 are due in January each year.



member_buttonClick the button on the right to download a Membership Form in PDF format (you must save it to your hard drive). You can complete it on your computer, save it and email it to us as an attachment. Or print it out, fill it in and send it back to us by post or bring it along to our next event or meeting.


When your annual subscription becomes due you can use any of the payment methods described below. Remember subs are due in January (new member subs from now on become due on the anniversary of joining). Always ensure we have your up-to-date details – if you change your postal or email address please let us know.


If you re-join after a period out of the society, we will take your date of re-joining as the new anniversary for your subs payments.


STANDING ORDER: You can pay from as little as £1 a month with the standing order option. Simply fill out the Standing Order mandate (included on the membership form)  and send it to your bank – don’t forget to send the member information part to us.

CHEQUE: Please make cheques payable to Cymdeithas Twmbarlwm Society and send, with your completed form, to:

The Treasurer, Cymdeithas Twmbarlwm Society, Weedon House, The Darren, Risca, Gwent. NP11 6HA.

BANK TRANSFER: You could also pay directly into our bank account at the counter or through your online banking service. You will need our bank details as follows:

Account name: Cymdeithas Twmbarlwm Society
Sort Code: 40-38-49
Bank: HSBC.
Branch: 57 Tredegar Street Risca, Gwent. NP11 6BW
Account Number: 51459023

CASH: Directly to the Membership Secretary or Treasurer at any of our events or member meetings.

PAYPAL: We had a payment process set up through PayPal, but as they take a 10% cut of any payments we have decided to remove this facility. If you prefer to use PayPal you can do so from your PayPal account to our email address –

However you decide to pay, please let us know in a separate email what you have arranged to ensure we have your up-to-date details.

e-mail us at:


If you don’t want to become a member you could still show your support by making a donation to the society.

We will be very grateful for any donations received to help us achieve our aims. You are not obliged to give us any personal information when you make a donation but it would be advisable to let us know that a donation has been made – any information will be held in the strictest confidence.