CTS Origins

Tump_aerial_01Twmbarlwm 2010

Sadly, Twmbarlwm has fallen into disrepair and has been neglected for too long.

  • Litter is strewn over the landscape
  • It has become a dumping ground for household rubbish
  • Motorbikes, quads and 4×4 vehicles roam the hillside, creating danger for walkers
  • These vehicles have left huge ugly scars, ruining the countryside
  • These scars have been eroded by the elements, making access difficult
  • People have become reluctant to visit Twmbarlwm because of all this.

Take a look at the Google aerial view of Twmbarlwm or drive up to the common below Twmbarlwm from the Risca side – you would swear it was an official playground for off-roaders.

Cymdeithas Twmbarlwm Society believe that this view has got to change.

Formation of CTS

The continued abuse of the landscape reached breaking point in 2010 when a group of like minded people decided enough was enough.

So Cymdeithas Twmbarlwm Society was formed with the aim to change public opinion and to persuade and work with the “powers-that-be” to improve our precious environment.

Our Aims Are Simple

  • To protect and preserve the ancient monument of Twmbarlwm and the significant historical remains on Mynydd Medart, Mynydd Henllys and Mynydd Maen.
  • To restore Twmbarlwm to a site of natural beauty and manage it to maintain the area for future generations
  • To research into the historical significance of the site
  • To promote the sensitive use of the site to the residents of South East Wales and beyond