Walk Through Craig y Wenallt

Walk Through Craig y Wenallt

Sunday 31st August 2014

We met up at Risca Leisure Centre Car Park at 10.30am ready for the walk to the top of Twmbarlwm led by enthusiastic rambler and CTS Member, Maggie Thomas.

The route through Craig y Wenallt and Cwrt Henllys is not often used yet is picturesque and although it was described as moderately easy, on this very hot day it was tough going for some – especially the climb from Henllys up onto the ridgeway.

The first part of the walk through Craig y Wenallt was very pleasant in the shade of the trees – and our first little rest came at the brook that leads down into Pant y Rheos reservoir – the only dog with us, Owain the Welsh Springer Spaniel welcomed a short dip in the water.

As we entered the field around Cwrt Henllys farm so a group of young heifers thought we were arriving with their food and came racing up to meet us – they were all quite timid though and followed us peacefully through their field.

And so the route continued through the gentle ups and downs of the fields till we came to a corner expecting to find a stile – it took a bit of rummaging around to find our way out of that nook. In the next field we were accompanied by a group of piebald horses who, like the cows, thought it necessary to escort us through their domain.

That led into a farmyard where their dog bounded over to greet us – a Huntaway apparently, an Australian sheep dog. Rob had an opportunity here to quiz the family on the history of their farmhouse which looks like it was probably a typical Welsh Longhouse.

From the stable block here the steep climb started and it tested the best of us to make it without stopping (I didn’t manage it – but I had a sore foot). The climb is worth it though – for the view you get as you emerge onto the ridgeway is fantastic – and our destination of the Tump looms in the seemingly near distance.

The breeze across the ridge was very welcome and we were joined by a young lad and his grandfather who flew their kite as they walked alongside us.

Arriving at the Tump was very welcome and we all sat to take in the views and tuck in to our picnics – although mine was down in the car park waiting for me. We all descended to the car park where Sue and a few other CTS members had been having a litter pick and workday – we joined them for a cup of tea and a biscuit before making the return journey to Risca Leisure Centre along mountain road.

A very pleasant walk,  just shy of 7 miles along a very pleasant route and one I am sure I will take again and again.

Here’s a few photos for your delectation.