JQN 26-08-16

JQN 26-08-16

Just a Quick Note                   26th August 2016

Hello Folks,

It’s here again – this coming Sunday (28th August) is our usual litter pick / volunteer day.

A few Trustees will be there to dole out pick up sticks and rubbish bags but unfortunately there’s a couple of the usual Trustees who can’t be there. Which is a shame as it is in hell of a state up there and we could do with a few more bodies to help out.

I was up there on Tuesday and was distressed to find that the three or four fly tips that have been reported to the council a couple of times over the past few weeks are still there and includes a new pile of tyres – there’s also a pile of rubbish that someone appears to have collected and left piled up against the sign.

Up at the car park there was a family camping with three tents and an open fire going (both illegal activities by the way, but they seemed a decent enough group) – I spoke to them and they assured me they would be tidying up after themselves – I haven’t been back yet to check.

There was also a wrecked motorbike there and loads of the usual McDonalds, beer cans and broken bottles type litter around.

All in all it was a very depressing visit – I haven’t reported any of this to the council as yet – I’m up to my neck with “real” work at the moment – so any help from the rest of you would be appreciated.

Also – on my way up (in the car) I found half a dozen cattle down close to the cattle grid – a couple of them ran up the road in front of me and went off into the woods on the right where someone has cut down the fencing. I phoned the farmer about this and hopefully he has since collected the cattle.

The cattle were there due to the inconsiderate people who continue to try to destroy the new gate at the car park, at the moment it is practically hanging off its hinges and it’s only been there a couple of months. We have never felt that this gate was as robust as old one – and we have been chasing the council to get the contractors to rectify it – but we all need to be vigilant in keeping it closed.


At last month’s litter pick one of our regular attendees had a slight accident when driving through the lanes resulting in a puncture. I know that not everyone likes driving up the lanes because of incidents like this, so for future events I will offer to pick up any helpers at Risca Leisure Centre. Unfortunately, I won’t be here this weekend so that offer is not applicable this time around – but it is a good idea to organise car sharing to get up there anyway – please get in touch with us and we will try to sort something out.


We haven’t yet organised any walks or talks for the coming Autumn season, we will let you know as soon as we do. In the meanwhile if anyone has any ideas for such events or if you know of any experts who could provide an informative talk for us, please let us know. Is there any particular subject or activity you would you like to see us organise?


Friends of Cwmcarn Forest Drive will be hosting a public meeting, to be held at the Cwmcarn Workingmen’s Club on Wednesday 14th September from 7.00 to 8.30pm.

The meeting will discuss our vision for the future of the Forest Drive which has been closed to the public since November 2014. This will be followed by a presentation from the Coalfields Re-generation Trust on securing a sustainable long term future for the Drive and an update from NRW on their negotiations with CCBC on the future of the facilities in Cwmcarn and progress they are making with their work to clear infected larch.

Afterwards there will be a question and answer session on the subject of the Drive and its future. If you are concerned for the future of the Drive you should attend this event. It would help if you could let us know if you intend to come along – please RSVP to our Secretary Sharon Peck at friendsofcfd@gmail.com or respond via our Facebook page.


Much of what I’ve written above forms the basis of my next article in the South Wales Directory – look out for it. You can now see all of the past articles online too – archived in annual sets – click a link below to go see them.

Those who follow our Facebook page or the “Friends of Cwmcarn Forest Drive” page are also invited to consider becoming “paid-up” members and/or take part in our projects – if you know any of them please pass this on.

I also repeat my request for persons who might have special skills or knowledge to help run the Society or assist with our projects, to get in touch.

Getting to the car park

For the Events starting at the car park on Twmbarlwm, if you would prefer to have a lift there please get in touch with me at the address below and I’ll try to arrange transport for you – or if you are able to offer transport to others also let me know. There are maps and descriptions how to get there on our website – under the menu tab “Location”

These details are posted on our website and on FaceBook – but if you know of anyone who is interested but don’t get their news through the internet – could you please let them have a copy of this message.

Many Regards

Chairman Cymdeithas Twmbarlwm Society


Address general queries to:  twmbarlwmsociety@gmail.com